AM/CAN CH Rhythm ‘N Blues Bright Star, JH
Sire:  AM/CAN CH Lyn Erin Midnight Blue
Dam:  AM/CAN CH Scarlet Victory Bright Star, CD, JH, VC
Whelped:  02/19/1993
Hips:  OFA Good   EYES:   PRA Clear

Call Name  “Seamus”


Seamus exemplified the term “Rollicking Personality”.  There was never a dull moment with this boy around.  He was extremely intelligent and expected to be treated that way.  He was sweet, good natured, a clown, protective, and willing to please.  Seamus was 27” tall, elegant, yet substantial.  He had a classic, brick on brick head, long arched neck, strong topline, and level tailset.  He had moderate front and rear angulation, smooth, well layed back shoulders.

 In the field, Seamus was an intelligent bird dog with an exceptionally keen nose.  He was very intense and pointed with his tail straight off the back.  He ran hard and his soundness gaves him the endurance to do a days work in the field.  

Seamus - Pasadena


Pedigree of “AM/CAN CH Rhythm ‘N Blues Bright Star, JH “

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
AM/CAN Ch Lyn Erin Midnight Blue – “Blue” CH Draherin Leading Man CH Draherin Favorite Son
 Draherin Victorian Lace
CH Draherin Niadh Charlton Tam O’Shantar
Draherin Eireann
AM/CAN CH Scarlet Vicotry Bright Star, CD, JH, VC – “Nike” CH Candy K’s Wizard of Oz – “Ozzy” CH Candy K’s Broadway Joe
Candy K’s Crimson Fantasy
CH Winsome Joy Bright Star – “Joy” CH Rendition Buckingham Bear
 Sidney of Bright Star