IrishSetter_BoM_BannerWelcome to the website of Silvermoon Setters

Silvermoon Setters is dedicated to producing Sound, Healthy Irish Setters capable of performing the job they were originally intended as well as being good looking dogs suitable for family living.

I have had Irish Setters my entire life.  I started competing in Obedience, Scent Hurdles and Fly Ball, then I moved on to Field Trials and Hunt Tests.  I delved into the world of Conformation because to be successful in performance events, the dog needs to be structurally and mentally sound and many show breeders don’t want to let their best dogs go to non show homes.  Dogs I have owned or bred have earned Advanced Obedience Titles, Field Trial Points in AKC Licensed Field Trials, Advanced Hunt Test Titles, Advanced Agility Titles, AKC, CKC, and International Conformation Championships.  I also bred and owned a Therapy Dog at UCLA’s Medical Center.  I bred my first litter of Irish Setter Puppies in 1996 and all of my current dogs go back to that foundation.